Pets are animals that you can buy just for a friend, a guard, or anything else that you might think of!!! Some of the most common pets are dogs, cats, fish, and birds. But there are some animals that you can keep as pets that are not very common. A few of those animals are monkeys, rats, mice, horses, and even big cats!!!!!!! The pets that are in my house are a dog(named Maizey), a Hamster(named Marshmallow), a parakeet(named Lemonade), and a guinea pig(named Chewy)!!!

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Now I am going to tell you about my pets! I am going to tell you about my own pet first. It is a hamster, named Marshmallow, and I got him in august 2012, and he is white, he is a Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster, and I love him with all of my heart. Next I am going to tell you about my brother's, he has a parakeet named Lemonade, he is yellow. You can learn more about parakeets at my brothers website that is called The guinea pig is my sister's, and he is called Chewy, he is brown, black, and white, and my sister would die for him. And finally, my dog, it isn't really anyones, its the families, she's a girl, she is a beagle, and I also love her with all my heart.


Marshmallow is a Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster that is white(of course!), I bought him in Puerto, Spain, even though I live in Rota, Spain. He is a boy, and lives in a cage that I bought at the same place that I got him, and the cage lives on my dresser.


Lemonade is a parakeet that is yellow, we are trying to get him trained to talk, and believe me, it is not easy!!! But lately he has been swuaking and chirping a LOT! really I don't know much about Lemonade and Parakeets, so you might want to go to his site, which is somewere else on the page.



Chewy is a guinea pig that is Brown, black, and white. His full name is Chewy Candy Bar, but we just call him Chewy for short. Chewy is just a baby so he is pretty small, but I hear that he is going to grow up to be bigger than a rabbit!!!


Maizey is a Beagle that is black, brown, and white. She is a girl, and she is VERY new to the family. We got her on november 26th, and she is always very sleepy. She sleeps in my mom's and dad's room, and she has a pink blanket, leash, and collar!!! Click here to go to my mom's and dad's website!!!!!!